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is https://www.macintoshrepository.org/ down?

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Almost a week ago, I tried to go to Macintosh respiratory.  But I forgot my password.  I asked for a password reset and was sent email, a code and a link.  When I tried the link, nothing happened.  I tried several times, and then tried the main web site again.  I got either a time out message, or a refused message.  I moved from a Mac, to a Windows box, and to linux.  Same thing.  So I drove to a WiFi hot spot in my town and tried it.  Same thing.


I am not sure if the site is down, or they have blacklisted me by mistake somehow.    Can anyone get in? 


If so, can someone post a help email address for them?  I would like to contact them to fix any issues.  It has been about a year or two since I went to this site.  I usually only hang out here.





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