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Figure i'd ask here since I have A/UX on a quadra,


Has anyone gotten gcc (GNU C compiler) fully installed and setup on A/UX? If so, please tell me how you did it. I'd like to add some other newer GNU stuff like sudo or bash but they require gcc to compile them. It's been quite some fun trying to get it to work. So many lost CD-R discs trying to get this to work.


Any ideas or help appreaciated!

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If I remember correctly, GCC is pre-installed on this image: https://github.com/unxmaal/aux_sdcard


Be aware that it is an older GCC based on the 2.7 series. I planned to port GCC 10 but other things took my time.


You cannot use the GCC patch as-is when cross-compiling, since it requires the native assembler instead of the one from GNU Binutils. It would be nice to use QEMU userspace emulation to run the programs from A/UX…

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