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Sim City 2000 no midi sound on sc-88?

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So, I have my SC-88VL properly setup and configured it seems OMS test mode plays midi directly to it through the mini macman interface with no issues. But any time I start the floppy version of the game that I got from Macintosh Garden (I think v 1.2), it only plays the quick time music where I have the computers speaker output jack hooked into the in portion of the SC with the intention of sound effects coming through. Bars do not move on the display so it’s definitely it getting passes midi when starting the game. Any clues what could be up?

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Neither SimCity 2000 nor Prince of Persia use QuickTime for music playback. Both of those games (as well as a number of others, such as SimAnt, Lemmings, Wolfenstein 3D,...) license the SoundMusicSys engine from Halestorm, which only generates software-synthesized sounds through the Mac's built-in audio facilities.

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9 hours ago, 9646gt said:

Not sure what other games I can easily move over with floppies to my Quadra 700 to test 

There is a thread somewhere—I'm trying to find it as we speak, but you might have better luck—where @Dimitris1980 had a list of games with support for, and tested on their MT-32, which is probably also what you need here.

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