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Hi everybody, 

During these "forced" holidays, I decide to dig into my Mac collection, especially Mac Mac II. I have 2 Mac II, the first one appears to be original.

It won't boot but I doubt the battery are completely dead and it needs battery to start. Does it need both batteries to start or just one. What are the best replacement for those (convenient, mine are soldered). It doesn't seems to received damage from leaking battery or capacitors. Would you recommend to replace them even if they looks good ? 

The second one is a Mac IIx motherboard inside a Mac II case. But they are 2 stickers underneath, one with Mac IIx, the other with Mac IIfx. As I can't boot it (battery again), I can't say. This one looks good inside but I suspect some leaks from the capacitors. 

Any advice getting those running ?

You can see the pictures below. 
















Mac IIx Motherboard inside Mac II Case







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You can jumpstart the macintosh IIfx by taping two AA together to get 3 volts. Ground the negative aa to case, jump the positive to power supply pin 15 (the far one on the right). It will power up right away, no need for power button.


I got my recent macintosh iifx to power on but i get the "chime of death" which is a long multiple chimes. A good healh chime is a single chime. 

I tried swapping ram, and power supply to no avail. Still the chime of death. Apparently there are at least 2 version of the iifx motherboard. This iifx has version A which has several names of people printed on the motherboard where it says Macintosh IIfx

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