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[Floppy drive] - Does anyone know why?

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Does anyone know why the 1.44 floppy drive from my Macintosh Classic only reads floppy disks when it's not installed on the brackets? While it's connected without the brackets it reads very reliably. As soon as I install the floppy drive in its bracket, the drive reads the system software disk, the Macintosh icon appears, and then it will eject the floppy. That never happens when the drive its outside its bracket. I checked if everything was well installed, if the floppy gets stuck in the opening of the drive, but nothing. Everything looks normal.


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BTW, the floppy drive has been serviced, the heads cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and lubricated according to the tutorials I've seen in YouTube. As I said before, as long it's not installed in its bracket, everything works fine.

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19 hours ago, PB145B said:

Isn’t this the same Classic you had to bypass the ground pin on the plug to make work? I’d say you have a severe grounding issue somewhere.

Hi @PB145B you are right. It's the same exactly one. So basically that is my main and huge problem. Thank you all of you for give me this very important clue. 

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