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Resurrecting a few 128k/512k boards

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I've finally got around to sorting through a box of broken logic boards that I inherited. Four or five of them are 128k and 512k boards, so I figured that it would definitely be worthwhile to try and get them going again. I have a 128k that was chip-for-chip upgraded to 512ke, and I want to backdate it to 128k with 400k drive for historical curiosity. The other boards will be available to others once I am done! This is what I built my test rig for: being able to quickly diagnose boards like this:




The majority of the boards are throwing what appear to be RAM-related errors, which, to my research, appears to be quite common with these machines, especially those with original, Apple-screened RAM. All visible errors are one-liners, starting with 04 and one with 03. So, to start, does anyone have a good, reliable source of the 64 and 256 kbit RAM chips these thing take at a reasonable cost?



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Crap. So I order these things, spend three hours desoldering the one bad chip, and solder in the new one. Nothing.


I look up schematics. Turns out these things are NOT pin compatible with the original RAM! What in the heck gives. How frustrating. Does anyone have any insight into a source of pin-compatible stuff for these? I mean, I can make a breakout board and wire it correctly, but come on.


Here is the pinout from the spec sheet on the order site:




And from the Mac 512k schematics:



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Ok so I sorted all this out on paper:




Basically, the ground and 5V pins are reverse...why, I have no idea. So, I went ahead and raised the 8 and 16 pins up, inserted wires into their corresponding holes, and rearranged them. I used a new RAM chip in case I fried the other.EAB05247-CBF2-4830-AC7F-3665EF8ECDC5.jpeg.8972b7479586148174f9762c9052c90e.jpeg


This arrangement produces the same result:  nothing on startup. No chime, no video, nothing. It may be that these chips just don’t work at all...what do I know about it? I wish I knew of a known-good source. Otherwise I’m kind of stuck here. Open to all suggestions.

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That’s crazy that the pin-out is different on them. I figured that was the same on all 64k RAM chips.


Hopefully someone can tell you why it isn’t working, or where there’s a good source for the proper RAM chips. I don’t know, unfortunately.

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IIRC, Uniserver claimed to have laid in a supply of those chips several years ago.   You might search the forums and see if he mentioned where he sourced them from.  

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Did you change the RAM chip after you powered it on improperly and then rewired? If not, that chip is dead. You cant reverse polarity on a chip and hope it doesnt die it will die. usually instantly. 


As far as the exact RAM, I dont remember off the top of my head. I havent needed to replace RAM in these machines before as most of the stuff I ever worked on was SE and newer. 

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Yes, I used a different chip in the assumption that I fried the other one. By

my hand drawing at least, does the logic look correct? Also, the pin that the chip lists as N.C., I just kept the pin out of the hole

and soldered it up to keep the +5V continuity path. Was that a mistake?

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