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Color Classic Analog Board Capacitor Shopping Cart

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I just ordered a set of caps to service several Color Classic analog boards. There are 23 different caps on this board, so just getting all the right stuff in the cart was tedious. Here's a Digikey cart link to make it quick and easy for anyone else doing the same.




This is for a complete recap, which may be unnecessary. Check out the various guides if you want to trim it down to only likely culprits.


Also, the quantities in this cart are to replace caps on one board, with no spares. Most are very cheap, so you might want to get 10 or more of all to have them handy if you plan to to other recapping work in the future.



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Update: I believe this cart is missing 7 pcs 100 uF 25V caps unless I messed something up dealing with out of stock items. 1572-1039-ND should be a drop-in replacement for those parts. Everything else looks good so far.

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