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Solved Classic II no sound cap issue

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I thought I'd post this here to perhaps help some.


I have a Classic II which worked OK, but with only a faint sound. So I thought I'd recap, but only those caps I guessed were involved in sound.


Started with C11, C12, C14 and C15: no help

Then C9: no help

After I changed C4 (47uF), I finally got a loud bong. However, I lost the mouse pointer

Thinking I must have shot C5 and C8 while hot-airing that area to desolder, I changed them too, and I recovered the mouse pointer


So everything looked fine, except for a heavy random hissing/whistling of the speaker. I then realized that C11 had not been soldered properly. After this was fixed, everything works OK.


Great feeling :-)


So next time someone is having a sound issue with a Classic II, I'd recommend to start with C4.


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