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Power connector size

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23 minutes ago, trag said:

Recently I bought this adapter that comes with many jinterchangeablevtips

Unfortunately that's not an option for my use case: the power supply is fine, but I need a barrel jack extension lead of the correct size to make the power wire longer.  Context:  I'm using my eMate as a serial terminal for my rackmount kit, and I need a wire long enough to run to the PDU of the rack.

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Yup: though I'm in the UK, so our outlets are slightly bulkier :-).  But I already have a UK PDU in my rack along with my IEC PDU, because I've already got a bunch of stuff that uses wall transformers in there (RouterBoards and my LC II hack).  So it will make the wiring a lot more manageable if I can get a barrel jack extender, rather than having the newton PSU hanging about on the end of a wire.  But I may have to go that route.

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