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Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in Mac SE?

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(First post after lurking for a while -- hope it is the right forum)

I was offered a Daystar Universal PowerCache accelerator. The board is labeled "P33" and was installed in a Macintosh LC (maybe in an LCII, one of the "pizza boxes"). Would the card also work in a Macintosh SE, provided the right adapter?


Various ads for the PowerCache mention the SE, but in the manuals and install guides there is ever only mention of the Mac SE/30... the PDS being different between Mac SE and Mac SE/30 made me wonder...


If anyone can enlighten me, it would be great :) Obviously I'd have to hunt for the right adapter, which might prove difficult LOL



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35 minutes ago, Bolle said:


For what you get in the end it would be easier to keep out for an accelerator that was made for the SE in the first place.

Cheaper and should get you the same results.

Thank you! I think I will pass on the offer then.


Do you have any recommendations for SE-specific accelerators?

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