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Destroyed a few pads on my CC and SE/30 boards. CC was the first board I tried to re-cap, with my rusty soldering skills and not the best iron. My electronics guru helped reconstruct most of the traces but we couldn't get this last one and I can't tell what it connects to.

SE/30 recap went smoothly (I learned from my mistakes with the CC and took it slow) but I broke a pin off UF8 and then killed 4 traces trying to remove it!



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Edit: Now I see the OP hasn't replied for almost a year. Hope you've already figured it out!


Are you saying the three middle pins closest to us in the second photo are not connected to the three vias because the little section of trace from the pad was obliterated? Just cut some short lengths of magnet wire and solder straight from the pin to the via. Clean off that flux, too.


For the first board, the easiest is just to superglue the caps down where they should be (very small drop) and then run thin wire to the closest pin it would normally connect to. If you really want to "restore" it, you can buy replacement pads or make your own by hammering solid wire flat. Then thoroughly clean the pad void and use a small dot of high heat epoxy to glue the new pad on. Then solder the pad to the remainder of the trace and cover the joint with brush-on solder mask.

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