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This is my first post on these forums. I felt this would be the best place to come to ask how to get my Macintosh SE working again.


So I managed to get my hands on this Macintosh SE. It came with the original manuals, mouse, keyboard, and even a carry bag! I paid around $5 New Zealand dollars  for it. Yes I can't believe it either. 


So when I got it home, I plugged it in and it turned on, and it worked! I think that the disk drive is dead, because it just had the disk logo with a question mark and ejected the yellow protector disk.


I left it on for a few hours. I then noticed a burning smell and smoke came out of the back of it. I opened it and being very careful i turned it on and i noticed that the flyback transformer was arcing and the monitor wasn't turning on, But I did get the start up sound and the fan was running. At first I thought a cap had popped on the analog board, but after inspecting it they all look perfectly fine. Also checking the main board it looks perfectly fine and the battery hasn't leaked.


Has anyone else had this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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A word of warning if you replace the flyback: consider replacing one of the transistors as well.


I can't remember what its designation is (Q11?), but it is next to the flyback (bolted to the metal shield), and it often blows when the flyback does. It needs to be replaced, or else it could ruin the new flyback (or, at the very least, the analog board will continue to not work).



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Not cheap but here is a link for a new flyback https://www.parts-link.com/items.php?name=Avail&ref=23586


I remember seeing some on eBay recently for $99 but can't find them now.  That, recapping the analog board, replacing battery, and lubricating the floppy drive should have this machine last for years to come.


Nice find on the SE by the way, they are one of my favorite machines. 

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