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Trying to do 8.5 clean install in 1400cs

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Ughhh. I made a bootable 1400 CD formatted the 1400's drive to do the clean install, and now it won't load OS8, it keeps failing on the install and asking if I have the original disks. I feel like this is a known problem, is this the answer?
I made it and it says "Problems were encountered reading the source file "Installation Tome." Installation Cannot Continue" Bad burn or bad image?
Now for some reason it is giving me Sad Mac ... bad HD? 0000000F 00007FFF
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Look at your burnt CD first; try another brand or burning it at a slower speed (2 - 4X) to see if your internal 1400 CD-ROM likes it more.  If you keep getting an error, you can boot off a PCMCIA CF adapter with an OS installed.  The stock HD in a 1400 is noisy, terribly slow and ripe for replacement.

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In my 1400, I ended up using a 44 pin IDE to (single slot) CF adapter and a 4GB SanDisk Extreme IV CF card that I had kicking around in my camera bag.  I currently have it formatted as a single 4GB HFS+ partition running 8.6 and it's performing quite well.

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A message that says "error reading installation tome" probably means that there was an error reading the installation tome, which means either a bad burn or the file was corrupted or a bad read on the other end of whenever that particular file was made.


Just for fun, try using Disk Utility on a modern Mac or a program like infrarecorder on a Windows machine to burn one of the images here: http://personal.stenoweb.net/oldmac/


In my experience, the images on Mac Garden are routinely broken, and are, in my experience, captured in a way that makes them notoriously difficult to get usable burns out of. (I'm having this problem with the 2003 eMac 9.2.2 installation CD from MacGarden.)


The 1400 7.6.1, iMac 8.1, retail 8.0, or retail 8.5 images should all work on any 1400.


Replacing the disk in a 1400 can't hurt either, but if the hard disk were bad,  you'd have gotten a write (installed files to the hard disk) error, not a read (files from the install CD) error.

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4 hours ago, CatMorgan said:

Is this what I’m looking for?


That isn't what I meant, but is also a very worthwhile accessory for your 1400.  I use one to move data back and forth from my modern Macs quickly and easily.  I just format a CF card as HFS+ and I can pop it into a USB CF card reader on something else.


Here's what I use in place of the hard drive:




This looks like it would be functionally equivalent since the model I have seems to be replaced with a dual slot adapter: https://www.amazon.com/Compact-Flash-Merory-Laptop-Adapter/dp/B00S6GIHS2


I think @Cory5412 and @Byrd are on the right track when it comes to burning speed and image integrity.  I had similar issues making a good 8.5/8.6 install CD and I suspect a bunch of the images out there are corrupted.


NOTE: some of these IDE to CF adapters have a full 44 pin male connector on the IDE side.  My 1400 has a 43 pin female connector, so you may need to clip the corresponding pin from the adapter.  You'll see the omitted pin on the back side of my adapter near the middle of the IDE connrctor.  Note the white arrow pointing to pin 1 of the IDE connector on the front of my adapter.  It's furthest away from the hinge and LCD on the PowerBook, on the top row.

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OH! Okay a CF HD replacement. That might not be a bad idea! I assume it's a lot faster than the platter drive? 


@Corey986 I tried the 8.5 images from you, burned it with FireStarter at 1x on my 2012 MBP that I used to make all my iMac discs, and it threw some errors but I kept hitting skip and managed to get a bootable OS on the thing, so thank you! 


Since there were errors should I do an install on top of the install to clean it up? Or just let it ride until it seems like there is an issue.  

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Hm! I'm around 95% sure my images are good.


One thought: Do the minimum possible install and see if it makes any difference, and then once you're booted into your install, do additional installs with components you want (OpenTransport, browsers, printing, macintalk, whatever.)


As a side-bonus, installing the minimum set up front will make it easier to clean things out to minimize the systems' RAM use.


With all that in mind, I'm kind of floating back to the possibility that the disk is at fault.


One more possible thought: If you have a PCMCIA to CF adapter, what happens if you try to do the installation to that media? If that works you can just copy the resulting files from the PCMCIA/CF disk to your regular hard disk. If you get an error then then you know the hard disk probably does need to be replaced, or at least formatted such that bad sectors are marked.


(Disclaimer: My own 1400 has the 12x CD drive and already has a newer 30GB hard disk in it.)


Third thought: Do you have an external SCSI CD drive and the appropriate wiring? Maybe give booting and installing from that a shot just for fun, if so.

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I don't have an external SCSI CD, just some hard drives.  Like I said it boots into OS8 sans CD so it is working as of now so I'm calling it a win and getting a CD of 800K images ready to try and make some Mac Plus disks, which is mostly what I got it for. 


Thanks so much! 

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