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Thrift store - Think Different book and Kodak instant camera

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I had some time after a doctor's appointment and went into a thift store and this camera jumped right out at me. It came with a matching leather carrying case for $10 CAD. Even though this picture is from a  French site it only has English controls, mine must be a Canadian version because all the controls are in French and English. 




The more interesting thing caught my eye on the way out was a book called "1998: The year of thinking different". I remember the advertisements and wouldn't normally go for a book like that but it was only $2 CAD in decent shape. I did some research and found it was a limited run originally given to Apple employees. I'm not sure how it arrived in Ontario, Canada but I thought it was pretty neat. Does anyone know how to check if this is an original print or if it's a reprint? I've checked the back and front covers and can't see anything. It seems like the other copies have sold for for $75. So I'm ahead on that!


Not my picture by the same book. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/apple-computer-1998-think-different-1784760914

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