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68K (no Mac) Designs OK?

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No, not really. GCC would be ideal if it works the way I am imagining it would. 


Just not familiar with GCC. when I was looking up Retro68K compiler, it was all mac-based so I didnt know if it could compile straight binary that isnt "mac".


I almost need a "hello world" example or something. Maybe there is one out there already. 

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3 hours ago, commodorejohn said:

and supposed to produce overall better code than GCC according to what I've heard.

A quick summary of googling around forum discussions seems to indicate that it might produce better code than GCC 2.9, but 2.9 was a long, long time ago.


4 hours ago, techknight said:

I almost need a "hello world" example or something. Maybe there is one out there already. 

There are definitely examples floating around for doing cross-development targeting bare metal with GCC. Here's a brief one, but there are whole books on it:




(EDIT: If you go to that link, click on the "68000" tag for more useful posts. One in particular that would probably be of interest is one which talks in brief about the newlib C library targeted at minimal, small-memory platforms like a homebrew board. You'll need some kind of C library, or at least badly want one, once you get anywhere beyond the "I've initialized the hardware and made the lights blink" level of bringing up the system.)

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Thanks for the advice, Yea going forward I will need a standard C library. Appears from research that it requires a board support package at minimum, Which of course it will need since it isnt gonna know what bus it has, where everything is, how to initialize everything, etc. So, I am thinking I almost need a skeleton of a BSP package. 

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