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.img files with old Macs

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So I found this great library of old compact Mac software on archive.org here:




The problem is that most of their hard drive images are in .img format and I can't get any of my old Macs (SE/30 & QuickSilver) to read them.  I've tried Disk Copy, ImageMaster, MountImage, and ShrinkWrap without any luck.  I've tried downloading directly to my Mac QuickSilver running OS9 from archive.org and that doesn't work either.


My modern MacBook can mount the images but you cannot simply copy the files over directly, as they all appear as documents on the old Mac.


Has anyone gotten these .img files to mount on your old Macs?

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As a workaround, I was able to download the .img files to my old white MacBook running OS X 10.4.11, mount the images, then copy the individual files / folders via AppleShare to my Mac SE/30 (with ethernet card).  Good thing I've got so many old Macs laying around here!


That's pretty sweet that OS X 10.4 can file share with the old Macs...

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My thought is that these are not Disk Copy 4.2 or 6 images, but those made with OS X Disk Utility...and thus will not open on OS 9...unless you get one of those Disk Copy 6.5 betas or whatever the version was. That might do it.

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