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Please help choose an LCD monitor for two macs

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I have a few vintage macs and there are two that I would particularly like to connect to a more modern (likely a used 10 year old) LCD.


So I have about 5 different adapters on hand and that help get XGA+ or something else out of these machines.


I have a Quadra 950 (built in video) with PowerPC 601 card and a Power Macintosh 9600 with the stock video card.

I can already run these two macs on a Sony GDM-C520 but I want to get them on an LCD because the image might be slightly sharper and prefer to dedicate the Sony for MAME emulation.




I don't want specific model numbers that I should buy, I just want to know what the highest native resolution these two machines output and from there I think I can find a VGA display that can accomodate these two macs at a resolution output they both share.


Short update: I went to everymac.com and found more on video out resolutions

On Q950 video:

By default, the Macintosh Quadra 900 only supports a single display, but a second one can be supported with the addition of a compatible NuBus video card.

The onboard video can support 512x384 at 24-bit and 640x480, 832x624 and 1152x870 at 8-bit. With 2 MB of VRAM installed, it can support up to 832x624 at 24-bit and 1152x870 at 8-bit.

On 9600 video

*This video card supports a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 at 24-bit.

It also supports 512x384, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x870 and 1280x1024 at 24-bit.

*IX-Micro Twin Turbo 128 video card with 8 MB


The other concern might be the sync refresh rate. Should I worry about this?


Should I get a display with a 1152x870 native resolution then. I don't care too much about 24 bit on the Q950.


Kindest regards


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Honestly, the best success I've had, if "originality" is not concerned, is with stock, cheap, Dell PC LCDs from Goodwill. Depending on scratches or not, they seem to run in the $8-15 range...hardly going to break your budget. If paired with an auto-changing adapter (or a fixed resolution adapter in older, non-resolution changing machines, neither of which yours are), they work seamlessly. I have a great one that I got for $12, I believe it is 19", which has no scratches, and all that was wrong was the power button had some oxidation on it's contact so it wouldn't turn off. 10 seconds of cleaning fixed that, and I'm pretty sure that's why the owner got rid of it. That's the main monitor of my PT Pro, with an ATI Rage Pro card. I can use from 640x480 all the way up to somewhere near your max resolution, I forget what it is set at. I also have a smaller, 14" one that I use as a test screen for my older stuff. Works great even with the LC II and the like.


They will be happy with multiple refresh rates sometimes, too, but mostly in the 60 Hz rate. If you see one on the shelves, look up the specs while you are there. That's the best place I've found. Good luck!

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I went for this very affordable EIZO L568 in white. I like it because it also does swivel and will provide native support for the 9600 which I plan to use with much more regularity than the Quadra 950. Thanks LaPorta!


There is even Mac OS 9.2.2 support, which I can't run on the Power Macintosh 9600 but it's there, https://www.eizoglobal.com/support/db/products/software/L568#tab02.



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Ive gone with Dell - I have both 27" and 24" - both monitors has ALL the ports what I'd use. VGA, DVI, Component (works with Apple IIgs), S-Video, HDMI... I might've missed one or two more - best monitor I could find and would recommend.


Bear in mind  when you're looking for one - always ask the seller for a photo of the ports if it has what you're looking for - then grab it. (I learnt and wasted my/that persons time which wasnt what I was looking for due luck of ports)



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Hi, just an update, I settled with an Eizo FlexScan L768, works well but it's a tad old a slightly blurry but I think it's the age of the monitor. Then again it was VERY cheap.


Earlier I said I went with a L568 but I must have typed that by mistake. Thanks!

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