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There were two variants of the ADB G5431 Mouse as shown in the photo below:




The left is the original and the right is a newer version.  Not only is the color of the ball different but the size as well.


QUESTION: Which of the two is considered better overall (rolling performance, accuracy, durability, etc)?

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Personally, I've had better luck with the one on the right (the newer revision).  The original / left versions I had all seemed to have trouble with tracking and if I'm remembering correctly it was down to a spring pushing a white plastic piece against the mouse ball to hold it in place.  When that spring lost tension, or the white plastic thingy broke, the mouse ball was able to move around more in the casing.  Not sure what that piece was called but almost all the mice I had of that revision had that problem.

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Thank you for sharing your experience.


By the way, I've found two variants of the mouse on the right in my photo.  One variant has a gray twist-off ball cover and another variant has the same in black.  I suppose the only difference is the color of that one piece of plastic?

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