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As everyone knows SCSI hard drives are becoming scarce and there are SCSI to memory cards but how about SCSI to IDE. I think this would be a pretty good solution.


Has anyone installed one of these on their vintage scsi only macs? The first one I found on using google shows that these are not cheap. Any good source to consider, any where in EU or N.AM would be good.

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They're great and fairly transparent performance-wise.   I.e., the thing holding your disk system back will be the speed of your bus or the speed of your hard drive, not the capabilities of the adapter.


The problem, as you alluded, is that the time to purchase these affordably has come and gone.    About ten or twelve years ago, there were hundreds of the adapters available for about $30 each.    Now they are somewhat difficult to find and typically command $150 - $200.   Ouch.


Acard made/makes a large line of such adapters.  The AEC-7720U was a good model to use in the typical Mac, but again, hard to find and expensive today.

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So the main issue here is that these are not manufactured any more, or so it seems. I sent an email off to Acard with what my goal is, a 50 pin to IDE bridge/adapter. We'll see what they say but as you pointed out, these adapters today are incredibly expensive.

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