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I'm new to this forum, but I figured that this is as good of a time as any to start in it.

Yesterday, I bought a Molar Mac from an e-scrap center. It was sold as untested for $5, but fortunately, it is completely functional! The top section of the case has some damage, and there's some huge pen/pencil mark on the side, but otherwise, it is in good condition. The machine booted up off it's original hard drive to Mac OS 8.1, and as evidenced by the sticker on the side, it was owned by a local school district. There was nothing of particular interest on the drive, but there were numerous games including Organ Trail and Carmen San Diego, and ClarisWorks. Overall, I am very happy with this, and I hope to be able to acquire the Wings Personality Card to capture video on this machine, and to upgrade the RAM and HDD soon! When this is equipped with a large hard drive and a USB card, this should prove to be an excellent bridge machine to write floppy disks for my 68k Macs.





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Very cool! I remember doing my first bit of nonlinear video editing on one of these in high school. I wanted to grab one from a surplus sale or something after the imac and Bondi G3 towers started taking over the district, but there were all kinds of rules regarding the resale and never knew when they happened. Nice score!


May your zip disks never death click ;)

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Welcome to the forum and nice conquest!


If you've got the space and a solidly built desk the G3 AiO does make a fine bridge machine.  Wings cards seem to pop up every now and again on eBay, just keep an eye out for Apple part # 820-0971-A.  Since you've only got 3 PCI slots to work with I'd suggest a USB/FW combo card in one, at least a 10/100 Ethernet card in another (Gigabit is overkill, though if you find it cheaper, why not), and the third slot is dealer's choice.  There are also some fairly inexpensive G4 CPU upgrades for sale right now if you really want it to fly.

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