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lisa sin remarketing drive

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Hi folks.


Got a drive for my Lisa

one of those sun remarketing ones.


nothing happened when i powerd it on


ran the meter on the power lead connector to the drive (6 pin)  and I have 12.2 volts, and .5 volts


I imagine I should be seeing 12 volts and 5 volts at least


anyone got any info on the voltages that should be coming from the hard drive 6 pin connector




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6 minutes ago, Paralel said:

Lisa sin? I agree, the Lisa was awful, but to call it a sin... that might be a bit too much.


I think OP meant Sun Remarketing, the company that bought the bulk of Lisa stock after Apple washed its hands of it.

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In the process of stripping the lisa.


The hard drive connector has no 5 volt rail , but the machine power up and boots from floppy.


Just thinking , this machine came with a destroyed widget drive. I am trying to install a sun remarketing drive. Is there any miracle of a chance that I have no 5 volt because of a wrong rom on the IO board


God these things are so hard to get into. Have to remove the screen just to see the wiring harness.


How can the machine boot up from floppy , and not have 5 volts going to the hard drive.


Any ideas greatly appreciated people.

lisa wiring.png

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Looking at the drawing in the post above, for the voltage pinouts of the hard drive connector - I have now the following starting from top to bottom


-12 volts - sun remarketing drive does not use this !!!! There is no actual pin on the sun remarketing board to connect to


+12 volts

.25 volts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........ this is the problem....... opened the PSU, cant see anything wrong

+12 volts

+5 volts



Am tempted to disconnect the non working 5 volt line , and join it to the working 5 volt line. But tracing these back the the PSU they come from  completely different lines from the power supply.

I imagine these 2 x 5 volt outputs are not the same. One is probably more controlled than the other - i dunno .. just guessing. But its probably a bad idea.

Come on people.......... I am so close to finally seeing this lisa fully working.


This sun remarketing drive apparently has the Lias OS installed on it. Waiting 2 years to see the Lisa OS


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An update on this for anyone with the same problem

pin 3 ( the one that gives me .25 volt) is a 'drive censoring line'. Apparently this line reports back to the PSU that the drive is happy!!. It is not needed to power up the sun remarketing drive.

Once the drive is powered up and spinning this pin 3 goes to 5 volts!!!.

Cant say this is all accurate, its just what I have found.


I found that the metal pins in the actual hard drive power connector, from the lisa, were not making good contact. I used a small pin to remove each wire/metal contact strip from the connector, to 'bend' them back into the correct shape, to make good contact.

This got power to the drive.


sadly the platter will not spin up , unless it gets a small 'push'. Thats one problem.

The next problem now is that 2 of the chips on the drive controller get  crazy hot after a minute or 2. They are static ram chips.


Not looking good.


Will post a short video

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Thanks MOS_030


Yep - been scouring everything I can find.


The hard drive itself look to be in good condition. When I remove the hard drive controller it exposes the motor bell for the platter, where I can manually spin it. There was some slight resistance to rotate when I first looked at it. I now have the drive running just to let it , hopefully, free up the bearing a bit more, so the platter can startup on its own. The platter will not spin up on its own. I get it spinning up by using a piece of plastic to reach in , to the gap between the controller and the drive chassi ( SECOND PICTURE)  , to give the motor bell housing a little push. Then it spins up, and the read write head starts finding its 'home' position. The sound of the head movement is the same as a good drive of this kind, so I think the drive is good. It there a motor stepper circuit of some kind for starting the platter?. Could it be a bad cap?


As for the second controller the 2 chips  circled in red are the ones that get very hot. I checked and these are static ram chips. Buffers for the read write heads??.

I can get replacements on ebay for them.

Ill order them, but have no idea what im doing.

Im going with the idea that if they are getting that hot , they must be dead. But have no idea if the problem is with those 2 chips or elsewhere.


sun remarketing controller.jpg





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with the controller of the hard drive removed , exposing the platter/motor/ bell thing, i noticed it has a very very slight 'lift/drop' as i rotated it.

This caused a very very slight amount of friction during the rotation

I decided to mark where was the high point and the low point.

using my thumb , i pressed , gently on the high point - then manually rotated - the high point was not as high


repeated 2 or 3 more times until there was no 'high point'


put controller card back in and the drives spins up on its own. I think the bell/housing thing was rubbing on something underneath.


think the drive is ok now. starts up every time.


now just have to get the 2 chips for the second controller.


getting there


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