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iBook Logo Tension Crack Woes

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In 2009/10, I bought this 1st gen iBook for just £10. The replacement battery cost me 3x the price of the computer and I’ve long since discarded that (a side project may involve buying a replacement - likely dead - battery and rebuilding it, but I digress). Anyway, at the time, I’d noticed the beginnings of the dreaded tension cracks around the Apple logo. Over the last few years, it worsened and then seems to have stopped at its current state.


Is there any way to lessen the strain on this area? Perhaps if I loosen the torx screws a bit on either side of the LCD? I suppose a permanent ‘solution’ would be to replace the bezel with one from a newer model, but then it may just look a bit off having, say, frosted white from an indigo model. Anyone else had this issue?



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I'd say the cracking around the bezel logo occurs in 50% of Clamshells, in my experience it doesn't get worse however.  The plastic is perhaps softer than ABS normally used, and this along with a closely spaced dual hinge, weight and size of the LCD part is a weak point of design.


The bezel is exactly the same colour as that used in all models, so if you find a good one go for it, but beware that popping out the coloured Apple logo might stress the plastic and cause the exact same cracking :p

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