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180c Screen Artifacts

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Can you determine why this screen is doing this? All caps have been replaced on back of the screen and on inverter board.  There has been no improvement or change since cap replacement.


I've reseated the video cable several times on both ends without much effect. The top portion is always good, but the bottom sections have artifacts and flashes in and out.


Thanks for any info!




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Tech - thanks again, as always.


You are right, fluid leak around the ribbon cable inside the screen.


I took off the shielding and played around, i used isopropyl to clean off the board as much as i could and there seemed to be a slight improvement.  i then noticed part of the ribbon cable peeling up near the top arrow in the photo. i peeled it back and there was a lot of corrosion .  I cleaned it and the laptop screen is dramatically better.  I peeled all of the cable-ends back and clearned undeatheth (just the very end of the ribbon cable nearest the red arrow).


the only negative result so far is that there is a line in the screen.  not sure if that would get better or worse.  i've had the screen on for an hour and its it has remained working.  yes i don't know if it will last but it's much better for now and seemingly stable. usable.





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You probably wont be able to get rid of that line, however, you got extremely lucky that corrosion was the majority of the issue. 


If its working now and the caps replaced, PCB cleaned, itll probably continue to work like that for a long time. 


The 180C is a nice unit, I like them. I may have a spare LCD or two depending if I can get mine functional. 

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