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Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

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Hi, necro this topic anyone? :)


I am struggling to make my card work.

It should be a 290, but without the PCMCIA module. This is the first problem anyway: trying to identify it clearly.


The previous owner mentioned a "plugin" to put in the system folder to make it work, but I fond no extension for this anywhere, if this is what he meant. He assured me the card was working...


I grabbed OrangePC software v.3.8.2 from OrangeMicro snapshot on the internet Archive, it only runs on system 7 and I have tried it on 7.1.2, 7.5.3, 7.6.1 - the program opens to say that there is no card in the nubus slot (error 41). The card is there and the jumpers seem right to me... Any hint on what I could try?


this is the card:



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6 hours ago, taddy said:

I couldn't confirm from the photo whether the jumper setting of orangepc 290 was appropriate.
If there is anything else, is the SIMM memory properly installed?
Please also refer to the following.


Thanks, I have already checked the jumpers against that guide, it should be properly configured for a 486DX @ 33mhz... that is the actual processor :D My only concern is about the internal / external video, but the guide shares my concern... :D

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5 hours ago, Bolle said:

First make sure the card is even detected by the Mac at all. Use TattleTech or SlotInfo from Newertech Gauge Series for that.

Card should show up regardless of any jumper settings.


No luck :(


Tried a couple of versions of TattleTech, and both do not recognize anything on nubus slots. I changed the slot but same results. Now I am starting to be worried...

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My guess is your board is an OrangePC 210 or 220, based on lack of PCMCIA, slower CPU and inclusion of serial/parallel port via octopus cable. You won't need the dongle to get it running since it routes video through the Mac.


You can see my OrangePC 250 earlier in this thread, it has a big transistor below the jumpers and a PCMCIA slot and its a DX2/66. Note even after I swapped in a DX4 overdrive and changed jumpers it didn't go any faster so maybe don't worry about the jumpers and just set it to what 486 you have on it.


You can also see @Unknown_K's OrangePC290 card earlier in the thread which has a big voltage regulator for the DX4/100.


The later OrangePC 340 has a different board layout with more vram and 5x86 processor and the earlier Orange386 has an ISA slot. I haven't been able to find many/any pics of the OrangePC 210/220 so if you can take nice high res ones that might be helpful for posterity.


As far as software to get them to work, my machine is in storage so I can't help. I remember it being relatively straightforward though, but a pain to swap all the Windows floppies :)


If its not showing up in TattleTech it isn't a software problem tho. First you want to make sure your power supply can give it enough juice. Next you might want to look at replacing the capacitors (these have several tantalums on them). Finally, consider swapping some of the chips, which is of course the most work. My board seems to have some VRAM problem that I mention on page 1 that causes it to crash after a while, so extrapolating from my anecdote its possible these cards may have chips on them that aren't super great. 


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