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Hi everybody,

 I have just bought an iBook, model number M6497, without a power supply. The seller said he believed it was a 600MHz G3.

I'd like to know the model number of the power supply so that I can go look for one.

On the back of the iBook in awful grey on white (I think I need glasses), it is rated 24Vdc and 1.785A max.

Can anyone help?



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  • 68kMLA Supporter

This is what you're looking for:




Though you'll need to get one that has the correct wall cord as this particular auction has the standard US plug included.  You can also use the older M7332 "Yo-Yo" adapter, though you have to make sure you get the later version with the smaller plug as the original version of that part number was for the Clamshell iBooks.


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