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I have a few compact Macs that are missing various screws and I'd like to make them complete again. Does anyone have details on size, thread count, etc on the types of mounting screws used in (at least) the SE, SE/30 and Classic? So, these are the two different ones outside (silver and black torx) and I think 2, or 3 different Phillips-head screws inside mounting the A/B to the chassis, mounting the expansion bracket to the main chassis and the ones mounting the PSU (on the SEs) and I'm not sure, but I think the ground wire has its own screw type.

I've tried to find such info in different tech manuals, but most just mention "T15" and nothing about length or thread count and certainly nothing about the other screws used on the chassis. So if anyone knows what the measurements are, or how to take them, that'd be great! I think this might be good wiki information as well.

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