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Looking For DaynaPORT Nubus Bluestreak 10/100 Ethernet Drivers

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I have a DaynaPORT Bluestreak 10/100 Nubus ethernet card in my Quadra 700, but I don't have the drivers.  None of the classic DaynaPORT drivers are working and while all lights on the card show it is working, without the correct drivers I can't assign an IP address to the card.  Does anyone have a copy of these drivers?

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I don't know if it will help. Maybe find a driver based on which DECchip your bluestreak uses.


.Em DECchip 21041
-- This is the second chip in the Tulip family, dubbed
.Dq Tulip Plus .
It supports 10Mb/s speeds over a built-in serial interface.
The serial interface has support for 10BASE-T, 10BASE5 AUI, and
10BASE2 BNC media.
The serial interface also includes support for IEEE 802.3u NWay over
the 10BASE-T interface, for negotiation of duplex mode with the link
Boards that include this chip include the DEC DE-450 and some SMC boards.
.Em DECchip 21140 and 21140A
-- This is the third chip in the Tulip family, dubbed
.Dq FasterNet .
It supports 10Mb/s speeds with a built-in 10BASE-T encoder/decoder,
and 100Mb/s speeds with a built-in 100BASE PCS function.
Support for 100BASE-TX and 100BASE-T4 is provided by a built-in
Support for 100BASE-FX is possible with an appropriate PMD connected
to the 100BASE PCS.
The 21140 and 21140A also support 10Mb/s and
100Mb/s speeds over an MII interface connected to one or more PHYs.
The 21140 and 21140A include a general purpose I/O facility, which
may be used to toggle relays on the board.
This facility is often used to reset individual board modules (e.g.
the MII bus), select the output path of the chip (e.g. connect the
UTP port on the board to the PHY, built-in 10BASE-T ENDEC, or
built-in 100BASE-T PMD), or detect link status (by reading an output
pin on the 100BASE-T magnetics).
The 21140 and 21140A use a standardized data structure located in
the SROM to describe how the chip should be programmed for various
media settings, including the internal chip pathway, and GPIO settings.
If the SROM data is not in the standardized format, the device driver
must know specific programming information for that particular board.
Boards that include the 21140 and 21140A include the DEC EB140, DE-500XA,
DE-500AA, Asante EtherFast, DaynaPORT BlueStreak, Cogent EM100TX, EM110TX,
EM440T4 multi-port, Kingston KNE100TX, older versions of the NetGear FA-310TX,
SMC 9332, SMC 9334, ZNYX ZX34x multi-port, and Adaptec ANA-6944A/TX multi-port.

Here is link where I clipped this from:


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Intel purchased DaynaPORT and for a short while, you could get Macintosh Nubus drivers from off the Intel driver downloads area.  I did a wayback search of the Intel site during about 2008, and DaynaPort is listed, but clicking gives the 302.  :sad:  Not sure if there are any mirrors of Intel download area.  Best of luck!

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I know it's 2 years later, but in the process of rebuilding my Avid Media Processor rig, I needed these drivers for my own Bluestreak Nubus card.  I found them in my own archive. The floppy is here somewhere but not located with it's box which I also have.  Hopefully this helps someone.  I'll make them available on the Facebook Mac groups that I'm in, as well as send to Archive.org too.

DaynaPORT BlueStreak.img

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