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Roadkill! 7500/100

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Greetings All! :)


After pimping out my 7100/80 with a G3, more RAM, SCSI2SD, video card, AV carrier and 10/100 nubus ethernets and using it most days for a little over a year, driving home last week I spotted some tasty road-kill in a massive pile of retroleum and generic detritus.


It's a 7500/100. Mint!  Powering it up it made a quiet *Bloomp* noise and would sit there and not make another *bloomp* for several minutes. Caps says I. Cleaned the electrolytic and battery spooge up. Replaced about a dozen critical caps, fed it power and bled a chicken to the God of all things Retroleum and pushed power button. Up it came. Last boot was 1998. That's a long internment in a dusty garage. So! It works now. Joy. Time for fun. Fed it a 120Mhz 604e I had laying around. Noticeable improvement.


So. I've seen rumbles that you can find Zif carrier cards for the processor slot for a 7500/7600/7300. I have a fair few old PPC750 G3's that are unloved after being replaced by faster processors .. has anyone gone this route and have recommendations for models of boards to find? Basically I think I'm looking for a Zif board without a CPU (if it has one..fine). Recommendations? Info?


Thus far, it's a 100Mhz 601. No Cache. I've fed it more ram, a Radeon 7000 which now works with 7.5.5 and 7.6.1. Spare SCSI2SD. Ebayed (it's a word.. I promise!) a 256kb cache COAST so that might be interesting.


Advice? Or anyone know someone selling something appropriate?


Also.. when did USB arrive for storage in Classic? Was it 8.x or 9.x? Guessing not 7.5/7.6. I have a spare USB2+FW400 NEC chipset card that pops up flawlessly in the Gossamer so I got to thinking.


Thanks for all criticism (preferably constructive ..but hey!) Best Wishes,

Al Boyanich

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