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Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCards... HO!

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LOL! The notion of freeing the Q660av from the bondage of Apple's soldered VRAM was what was interesting. :ph34r: Matching the Quadra 840AV's maxed 2MB limit's not a lot, but I hate to see any Mac overly compromised  .  .  .  having either or that card not so much. 840av I picked up down here might have been DOA for all I remember, it's a <3 donor. 660av came down with me and then went down the storage room whirlpool, that one was cherry  .  .  .  sigh.


Curios thing that the 840av only supports 256K VRAM SIMMs? 512K SIMM support would have given it 3MB VRAM, a goodly amount. That little wrinkle in the memory setup makes me think stacking VRAM ICs on the 660av board should work with a very few patch wires.


@Bolle -  check out that PLCC socket on your 1360. Finding the same three ASICS on a pair of indentical(?) 6MB boards with two different MaxRez specs and on their VRAM starved little brothers seems entirely out of the ordinary.


Those cards have Flash on board, could that be a pixel gatekeepin' GAL?


edit: Our old friend the GAL16V8B is sitting right next to what looks like it might be the RAMDAC? GAL20V8B is under that on the corner and the GALs are oddly stickered on the different cards. Just a thought, seems like some scullduggery may be afoot in that trio.

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I think I've got one of the SuperMac Thunder II GX 1360's downstairs in the crates. Hadn't identified it yet.


Mostly I just use the trusty old Picasso in my IIci


If you have the manuals online .. keen to have a flip through. :) I haven't even identified the card yet other than spotted your image and "oh.. think that's the unknown video card down stairs!"

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