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Logic board swap from Classic II to SE/30 or SE

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I just read through the CRT guide posted above and most of the talk revolved around the CRT and Analog board compatibility.  My question is will the connector from the analog board work with any logic board?  I understand that some boards are larger or smaller than others but my question is if they are interchangeable.  I read somewhere sometime that an SE can be "upgraded" by putting in a SE/30 logic board (PDS slot size issues may happen).


Basically the situation is that I have an SE/30 that I need to recap but I want to see if this Classic II logic board will work in it while I wait for the parts.


Thanks in advance.

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No, they wont work without modification. The Classic II, for example, has audio run though the main connector. Also there is software brightness control. The SE and SE/30 did not have that. While there is much that is the same, you would have to move a couple wires around to get it to work.


The SE and SE?30 are interchangeable because they are the same systems, just different motherboard. The Classics have entirely different sweep/power supplies.

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