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Color Classic Mystic Upgrade Help

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Hi everyone - I recently was fortunate enough to come across an LC575 board (Mystic) for my Color Classic which the original board had become extremely corroded. I was given the Color Classic a few years ago from someone who did not remove the battery and it caused a pretty large mess. I was able to clean out the system and this morning put the LC575 board in.

It appears that the current drive has System 7.1 installed and needs to be updated, as I am getting the following message on startup:


This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest installer to update this disk for this model. (System 7.1 does not work on this model; you need a newer version that does.)

I have a usb floppy available on a PC. Can I download a startup disk / tools disk or upgrade set?

I also have a Power Mac 7100 running System 7.5 with a CD-Rom drive.


Thanks very much for the support!

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I think you need 065 version 1.1 of the enabler to use with 7.1 and if you don't want to hack your monitor to support 640 x 480


I also have a CC and have been keeping an eye out for a LC575.  You can find a link to the v1.1 enabler on my site


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