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Hi, i am looking for driver for TwinTurbo128-3D and for TwinTurbo128+(Long version). I have both in PowerMac 9600. I did clean install os 9.1, but video is unaccelereted (slow scrolling and window draging.) I tried to search for drivers but i only found drivers for standart 128. Thanks TheMrKocour. 

PS :I am also considering to take 604ev from that 9600 and put it to 7300 - that should be possible right?

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Apple provided the ix3D drivers integrated into the Mac OS installer program from System 7.6 through 8.6; I think they dropped them in OS 9.


Thanks slomacuser for uploading the standalone driver installer.


Which processor do you want to move from the 9600 to the 7300? If it's the Apple High Performance Processor card in the 300-350MHz range, it probably won't work; those cards are designed with the 9600 in mind. It may work in an 8600, since they're basically the same, but older models probably won't like it.


That being said, I have a 9600's 233MHz processor module clearly marked "9600 ONLY" that I installed into an 8500/132. So it's worth a shot, but don't be surprised if you have stability problems or it just won't boot.

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