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MicroMac Technology 632-10008 MultiSpeed Accelerator

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@joeysrour16  Scroll up in the thread, I linked the old product page.  It has information on the accelerator.


Like many accelerators, they tend to be a bit pricey.  I'd wager a couple hundred eBay bucks.  Best to do an Advanced search on eBay for Sold listings, and look for 68030 Macintosh upgrade.

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I don't know for certain.  Both the machine and accelerator went to new homes some time ago when I was "focusing" my collection so I didn't spend too much time digging.  I want to say it was for a video card but I can't remember where I read that.  The accelerator came out so close to the end of Applied Engineering's life that it's difficult to find much information on it since searching for AE TransWarp just brings up acres of information on the //e version.

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