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Apple Mouse IIc on Mac?

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Yes. The mice between the two are *almost* completely compatible.


(Short version, the very oldest Mac mice don't work on the IIc because of a minor wiring omission, but later ones do; the IIc mouse is just a later-model Mac mouse in a different color case. So if it works on the IIc should be fine on the Mac. As a reverse example, the mice that came with my 512k and Plus both work fine on the IIc.)

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Cool. Yeah, it's sort of confusing, especially since the early models of the IIc mouse even carry the same model number as the Mac-styled mice that may or may not work. (I'm curious how many of the Mac mice *don't* work. When I tried the three I had on the IIc I started with the one with the highest serial number, and then just for laughs worked backwards. All the ones I had in my possession did.)

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