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My recent haul

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A bloke contacted me after he found me thru someone else that I collect Macs, turned out he lives 3 kms from where I live, he said come over and see what I have, so picked up:

1x Mac SE

3x Classic II

1x LCII with monitor

1x Macintosh Workgroup Server 6150/66


Now the WGS6150 is rare find and Ive never ever seen one of those before so its a good score! But unfortunately I am unable to start it up due the adapter it needs!!! So will have to find one!




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3 hours ago, AlpineRaven said:

1x Macintosh Workgroup Server 6150/66

That's a really nice find! Those are pretty rare. I have never seen one in person before.

What is the adapter for? I am not familiar with the Macintosh Workgroup Server, and there isn't a lot of documentation online.

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nice, I went to a place that had 3 Macintosh Plus computers, was going to ask to buy but I waited a week and they were all sold, turns out they had way more that were sold to my university(want to ask around and try and find them), also the 3 I saw were actually not sold after all. The guy contacted me and said he had 5 intel macs, tons more macs like ibooks, and macbooks too. Hopefully will get a large haul soon.

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