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a decent electric solder sucker

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hey this item here is about all my budget would allow for such device,

I like how its integrated, seems like a new product. - didn't see these 6 months ago.




let me know what you think.

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I understand money being tight, lord knows I've been there. However I have learned the hard way that cheaping out on tools is just a bad idea, as you really do get what you pay for. Looking at eBay you can pick up a Hakko 808 for under $200.


If you itemize on your taxes you can write it off on your taxes as a business expense, then do a couple of recap jobs and you have it paid for.

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lol i never break the standard deduction….


I would have to go big time to start itemizing on my taxes…


i know what you are saying… but i have used trash my while life… its what i know.


before harbor freight.. biglot was a good place to buy cheap tools.


been using a 20 dollar soldering iron all last year. this new one i just got its 100 Times better then that…


the smoke ventilator on there works fantastic… now flux smoke doesn't make my nose hairs all crusty !!! :)

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I got the white GaoJie pictured above for christmas. The stand is pretty nice and I see no problems other than my tip at least was not tinned at the very tip and thus it can't melt the solder. Still gets hot enough on the sides to melt fairly large joints though. Just can't suck the solder up for obvious reasons. :b&w:

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