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Up until now, I don't know that I've ever actually SEEN a Mirrored Drive Door system in person - save maybe a glance in an Apple Store when I was vacationing elsewhere. When the G4 towers were current, I was living and attending college in an area with little Apple presence. Our art lab went from B&W G3s to some pretty high-end dual G5s.


Anyway! I stumbled upon this guy browsing e(vil)Bay and decided to put in a bid for $25. After shipping and using eBay bucks, I paid $61 for it. I initially thought it was one of the 2003 OS 9 booters which is why I jumped, but before the auction ended I realized it wasn't. My minor disappointment went away pretty quickly though, especially after it arrived.


This MDD is the 2x1.25GHz model, fairly stock and came in the original box. The plastic strips are still over the drive doors and there isn't a scratch or scuff on the tower, it really is a thing of beauty compared to much of the hardware in my collection. I opened the case to find it in immaculate condition - either this machine was barely used or it was thoroughly cleaned before he shipped it, barely any dust inside!


80GB hard drive, Radeon 9000, 1GB RAM (1x512MB, 2x256MB). $10 bought an Airport Extreme card which I'm currently waiting on, but I have a PCI 802.11g card borrowed from another system for now. I cloned the hard drive from my iMac G4 so it's dual booting Tiger/Classic and Leopard. It's amazing how snappy it feels compared to my Cube (obviously) and even my 1GHz iMac.


A friend of mine found 4 matched sticks of 512MB RAM, so he's going to bring those out to me at this year's FileMaker Developer Conference. (I have a fascination with maxing the RAM in my Macs, regardless of whether I need it or not.)


It will certainly be nice to have a speedy PowerPC system hanging around, especially with the discontinuation of Rosetta support in OS X. It is, of course, a bit loud, but I've dealt with worse. My PSU fans are quiet, but the big one in the bottom may have to go, it sounds like a Dyson. :lol:


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You know, I had read that but haven't tried it out yet. The MDD doesn't have a permanent home right now so once I tested it all and set it up, I put it back on the box for safe keeping. Funny thing is I used CHUD on a G5 in my office to do the exact opposite because it had made that awful chirping noise! Go figure.

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Oh! And in regards to OS 9, I'm guessing that FireWire 800 was just too new and they didn't want to put in or just couldn't add driver support. The same goes for the Airport Extreme card - which is more than likely why the 2003/OS 9 booter had no FW800 and a standard Airport card... though I would think they could just say "not supported under Mac OS 9" much like they disclosed the 1.5GB RAM ceiling in Mac OS 9 on Macs that supported 2GB total.

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