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Server room Macintosh portable

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Rummaging through the server room at my job I found a Macintosh portable, and the accompanying case for it.


Cosmetically this thing is nearly mint. I let it sit on a shelf in my office for some time but yesterday I decided to try and fire it up.


I plugged in the AC adaptor, threw out the old 9v battery and attempted to start it. The SCSI disk would spin up, down, up down, etc...


Read up on the topic and noticed that this machine truly requires a good battery to properly function as in it needs the battery's VA to spin up the SCSI disk and power the floppy. So I found some cells to refurbish the battery:


http://www.alliedelec.com/search/produc ... U=70157706


I haven't pulled the trigger just yet on this project, but I'm thinking it may be possible that, given so little use, this battery might be useable as it is.


Next steps: multimeter!


BUT I did find this battery with nearly the same specs that shouldn't be hard to adapt...




Pics soon :)

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You can also use a 9 to 10 volt power supply rated at 1 amp or better and connect to the leads. Not likely youll lug it around anytime soon so that would make it useable. I got a pwer supply at goodwill for a dollar for mine. Just remember the capacitors on the motherboard and screen are due for replacement.

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You can also use a 9 to 10 volt power supply rated at 1 amp or better and connect to the leads.


Interesting, is that to the battery terminals? Mine has the same issues - caps replaced, and might start up for 30 seconds or so, but the dead lead acid battery kills it quickly.



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Just as a followup here, my Mac Portable (no backlight) runs just fine without a battery. I use a regulated 9V 3A power supply connected to the rear power adaptor. This is enough to get the original Conner drive up and start the machine. Lower than that and it will flip out. I dug it out of the closet since it was a little wonky and did some work on it, and it still works fine.



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