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I REALLY want an eMate, but my options are limited. Advice?

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And looking on EvilBay I see a couple units up there that require some repair, mostly having to do with the display.


I'm a certified mechatronics technician, so repair doesn't scare me, but not knowing much about the eMate's build quality or source of replacement parts I cannot qualify how easily it would be to repair these guys. I have bad memories of buying a broken OLPC XO-1 and trying to repair a fully ripped flex-cable. Ugh.


So I see a seller with two broken emats with the descriptions:


"This unit has been tested with a test power adapter and powers on but does not pass the calibration page so needs service/repair or use for parts."

Which makes it sound like the digitizer is borked and would probably need to be replaced.


The other lists as

" This unit has been tested with a test power adapter and powers on/functions but has lines in the right half of display screen so needs service/repair or use for parts."


Which could be as simple as unseated contacts for the LCD, could be more serious. The seller asks 20 bones before shipping for both, no software or AC Adapter is included.


Generally I'm just wondering if it's worth my time to try and fix an eMate or hold out till I can find a working unit? :disapprove: Is this a good way to break into the world of eMates?

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eMates are a dime a dozen. There's usually no less than 5 or 6 on eBay at any given time. There's no reason to buy a broken one. There's no sense saving a couple of bucks on one that needs repair to end up spending more money on parts to fix it. (Not to mention the added cost of S/H on said replacements parts.)


I'm looking at that auction now and shipping to me would be $10.85. So you're already in the hole about $30 bucks and you still need an adapter. Another $10-20. And then you need to fix it. Another $10-20 for parts.


It would stink spending a good $50-60 on an eMate and not know if you can even fix it. I'd wait and just pick up a working unit.


You might get lucky. I scored one in the box for $25: http://appletothecore.me/files/emate_300_1.php

and a better looking one for $36: http://appletothecore.me/files/emate300.php

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Software is almost all on www.unna.org , which for some reason is misbehaving but persevere (and avoid the torrent in favour of http d/l).


Networking cables/ hardware available here — in quantity — but you might want to look also at pcmcia ethernet, wireless and such options as well. I gather than even bluetooth can be done, though I haven't gone there.


The Newton is fussy about what it will accept in regards to such new-fangled add-ons, but the solutions work rather well once you get them going. For bootstrapping, mind you, you will likely need your 7100 and a serial cable, or else some phonenet/ localtalk hardware.

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