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Evening conquest

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Well, none of it is particularly inspiring however it's a conquest none the less...


On my way around to my Sisters house (visit for her B'day) and spotted a lonely Mac SE on the curb side.


Pulled over and jumped out and there was also a pair of 6100's, a pair of 7100's and a Performa 6360 so grabbed the lot.


There was also three Apple AudioVision 14" displays but all had their stands missing and their video cords chopped... Might go grab the "best looking" one tomorrow for spares though.

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Yes, it's rare these days compared to the past where it wasn't unusual to see at least one or two Macs each time!


The SE used to have a Radius video card which has been removed (only the bezel still in place) and looks like the floppy drives are gone (just empty holes). Suspect it'll be a parts machine (if there's anything left of it)...


Both the 7100's have "Sonnet" stickers but judging by the state of the SE, I bet any upgrades have been removed already.


The Performa 6360 is a weird one, never seen one before. Might need to research if it's an Australian one or not?

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That's a nice haul! And agree with Greg, it's so rare these days to find a stack o' vintage like this. And it will become even rarer as hard rubbish is going to disappear from most municipalities. I've seen a few Performa 6360s, and they're nice little machines, cheap and easy to upgrade, made even better with a L2 G3.


I'm currently keeping busy with a pile of laptops - from an arcade cabinet site I frequent, a local PC store was cleaning up their shelves of broken/cannibalised machines - I had to take the lot. Being not specifically a computer-related site I didn't have any competition to pick the machines up, normally they would have been snapped up within minutes. There are ... 48 laptops ... at first count, some look complete, others not so flush. Mostly Pentium-4 era laptops, with RAM and HDs pulled. I'm hoping to get at least a handful working and souped-up for family members. It's a good project as I need to take some leave from work soon.

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The 6360 looks really nice cosmetically, a bit dusty inside but complete. Looked inside both 7100's and neither have hard drives. No Sonnet upgrades in sight (as I suspected).


One of the 6100's is complete except for a missing foot BUT then I snapped one of the lid clips opening it... I forgot how brittle they could be these days :(


The other 6100 is missing HDD and FDD. No snapped lid clips though as I was a little more careful, like I should have been in the first place.


The SE is missing FDD and HDD but otherwise complete and last of all, I went back for the monitors and grabbed the best looking AudioVision 14" which still had it's stand intact, thankfully. Video cable cut though so I still need to look out for another broken one to pinch the cable from. Also picked up a 15" MultipleScan display. The idiot cut the cord on that one too but as I suspect you know, they're the removable type anyway?!?! Weird.


It was all a bit moist when I picked it up, possibly dew from the weather but more likely rain. I'll leave it all a week to thoroughly dry out before testing anything.

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I live in NY, and honestly, the last Apple I've ever seen at the end of someone's driveway was in 2000 and it was an Apple II. I've never found a Mac in the garbage. PCs are pretty common. People throw away 286/386/486s all the time. Seems as though everyone knows they can get a buck or two on eBay for an old Apple. No one just tosses them anymore.


In NY, we have a bulk garbage pickup day once a month. So I try to keep my eyes peeled when I start to notice the piles appearing at the ends of people's driveways.


One day I hope to drive past the pack rat that decided to just toss everything!


PS let's see some pic!

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A couple of weekends ago I was in Eugene, OR and made the emergency stop to attend to the 13-month-old in the backseat. The house we parked in front of was surrounded by the most random assortment of trash you could imagine. It really did seem like a meth house. The saddest part was there was an Apple II sitting among the ruin. No lid. No power supply. Just a sad, beige wedge in the lawn.

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Krye, you're right. I'm surprised they were thrown out instead of ending up on ebay or something. There's always someone advertising locally about wanting Apple stuff too. I left a note in the letterbox yesterday to let me know if they want to offload any other Apple stuff. We'll see.


mcdermd - so sad... Poor old Apple II... Lol @ the meth house though.


Perhaps this weekend I'll see how they've dried out. I might setup a table out in the shed if the weather is nice and I'll test them (and the machines from my previous conquest earlier this month). If so, I'll take some pics too.

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Had a good (and unexpectedly Apple related) day today including yet another conquest! Didn't think I should really make yet another new topic...


Just picked up:


x3 Mac Plus all intact and with programmers switches too! They're so dirty/grubby I can't tell which ones (if any) are Platinum or Beige!? :lol:

x3 iBook G4 12" one boots but has a mark on the screen, one boots up but the trackpad is WAY to sensitive to even use, the other might have a dead HD...

x1 iBook G3 12" started up but after a few minutes the display went spastic and it froze xx(

x1 eMac swivel stand - ALWAYS wanted one of these, can't wait to put my eMac on it!!

small stack of Apple manuals/books and a few CD's, some really weird stuff I'll photograph and upload...

a display iMac G3 - with the fake plastic CRT (COOL)! It has a weirdly mis-matched case (mixture of Indigo and Snow) doubt it was originally like that though.

and the best bit... A brand new and reasonably large iBook G3 fabric banner, still in plastic wrapper!!


Another promise here for photos of this stuff AND my previous two conquests.

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Yep, it's a display model. The guy that gave it to me reckons once Apple were done with them, some ended up at Ikea and other furniture shops displays. Interesting story. I wonder how he acquired it. I didn't ask. I should have really asked if he knew anything about the case mis-match too. My guess is that parts of the original Snow case were damaged at one stage so someone used some bits off an Indigo one to fix it.


I wish mine was Flower Power! Lucky to have it at all though really.


Here's a pic I took of the iBook banner... It has Tangerine on one side and Blueberry on the other.



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SO I had a chance to test out the Macs in the shed on Saturday...


I removed all the clock batteries, visual check inside for spiders/rust/damage and then tested and labeled each but from memory:


Only one of the Mac Plus powers on, and the SE powers on but no chime/display...


Most of the Centris/Quadra/IIvi/IIvx/7100's power on or boot. From memory only one didn't power on and a couple of them booted to an OS. Amazing.


In the pile of 6100's and 6200/6300's there were two dead PSU's, one missing PSU but the 6360 booted up to an OS and even played a "Performa Intro" video which was AWESOME. Also one of the 6200 booted up with LOADS of HDD testing/recovery software. Interesting.


The 6400 booted to OS 7.5.5 but the 6500 started up to a "?" which I suppose is at least promising.


5300 DE booted up to OS 8 but the 5500 (beige) wouldn't work until I unplugged the HDD which was clunking quite loudly.


G3 desktop and G3 minitower server both worked, cool.


The only one I didn't test was the WGS 9150/120 but only because I forgot about it :S


Re-descovered a Blueberry 400, Strawberry 400 and Graphite 700 iMac in the shed I forgot I had. Only the Strawberry worked though xx(


Here's two pics... Better than nothing I suppose...





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