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Best AGP Video card for a G4 OS/9 OSX 10.4

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So what are you guys using for AGP video cards in AGP Powermacs these days? I have a ATI 9000 in one of my Quicksilvers, Geforce 4 MX in the other and a GF 2 something or other in my Dual G4-500 Sawtooth.


There used to be some sites on the net for hacking PC cards for Mac use, anybody ever bother with that? What were the last/best OEM cards for Quicksilvers or older? Is there a major issue using OS 9-10.4 with better cards (drivers or OS issues)?


Since I have been collecting old AGP cards for my vintage gaming PC's I figured I would look into something more exotic for my Powermacs.

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I am pretty sure that the best card for OS 9 and OS X together is still the GF 4Ti.

Also, there is no card that supports core image in OS X as well as being old enough for OS 9 drivers. Just so you know. (but you can still get Quartz Extreme&OS 9 support with one card)


You best option is to have a dedi OS 9 machine and a dedi OS X machine if you really want GFX power in both operating systems.

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What's the best card for support in both OS 9 and OS X? For example, for a Cube, where a second (PCI) card is not an option.


As mentiond Geforce 4 Ti, but that won't work/fit in the Cube. For our little friend, the Mac Geforce 3 is the best OS 9/X card you can get.


As a sidenote, I finally found an AGP-equipped PC to flash over a stack of graphics cards I had sitting here (Radeon 9000, FX5200, 6200, 6800GT); don't know why I bothered as two cards were faulty (artifacts in DOS/BIOS).

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To me personally the Radeon 7500 AGP Mac Edition is the best choice when considering the relationship between cost and performance. It fits into the cube just fine and you won't have to do any modifications to either the cube or the card other than removing the slot cover since it won't align with the Rage 128's fencing. I got mine off eBay for 20,-- so that's still feasible (unlike e.g. the Geforce MX/4 or whatever that thing is called exactly). Runs beautifully with full driver support under both OS 9.2.2 and OS X 10.5.8 at 1080p :p (granted I am at max RAM and using a Sonnet 1.8 GHz CPU).


-- BeniD82

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