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Newly Recapped Classic Won't Mount HD/Freezes on Access

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I just got my Mac Classic boards back from being recapped and resoldered. The analog board works like a charm--no more jittery video! :)


The logic board looks great. There's only one issue--it doesn't like hard drives.


Here is the result of one night of playing around with the new board:


1. Attempt to boot from known-good HD upon startup: Drive makes sound of being accessed but computer freezes on Happy Mac.


2. Attempt to boot from floppy: Floppy boots fine but computer freezes when it attempts to mount HD.


3. Attempt to boot from ROM disk: Same as with the floppy.


4. HD number two (also known to work): Same as first hard drive.


I tried zapping the PRAM, although I had to disconnect the hard drive to do this (I am running System 6 on both hard and floppy drives and need to do it from the control panel). The PRAM battery is brand new and works fine on a different logic board, as do the two hard drives. I ran the new board with and without a PRAM battery.


There is also a rather strange occurrence upon startup. The Mac has about a two second delay before chiming.


For now, I'm using a temporary logic board--one with old caps that amazingly haven't leaked (yet). The hard drive, PRAM battery, and timing of the chime are all fine with this board. I'm convinced the fix for the new board is easy, although I'm looking for some ideas as to what to try next--I know those old caps won't last forever so I'd like to get the new board in as soon as I can!

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Break out your magnifying glass and look for solder bridges around the SCSI connector. If you have a working board to compare to, you might have a chance to find an errant bridge.


The other thing to check would be the condition of the cable since you say the problem occurs only when you plug the HD in.

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You said the board was re-capped an resoldered? did someone go over to correct some cold solder joints or something? or was it just a re-cap? what brand and series did they use for the recap? Out of curiosity, do you happen to have an external scsi drive you can try with the internal disconnected?

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