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Beige G3 DT

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Just gotten my first Beige G3 from a customer who's moving house.

It started out as stock when I got it.

G3 266 Mhz - 512 L2


4 GB HDD (dead)

Rage II 2 MB

Stock CD ROM


I dug through my parts boxes and it's now suitably pimped.


G3 400 Mhz - 1 MB L2

288 MB RAM


Rage II 6 MB (finally, a use for the 4 meg stick from my dead Rev B iMac)

Radeon 7200 32 MB

52x Sony CD-RW, machine boots from it fine and software installs scream now.


It took me a while to get the Radeon card working but now Quake II, Deus Ex and Rune are all running great (plus a load of less demanding games) and OS 9.2 runs like a charm. I wish I had gotten one of these sooner, it will definitely be my primary Classic gaming machine.

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