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Macintosh Classic MicroMac '030 Accelerator

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Hi all!


I got a Macintosh Classic with a MicroMac Accelerator attached to its cpu pins on the motherboard. The accelerator card is marked "MMXL" and contains a 25MHz 68030 I think. On the 40MB hard drive there were only a clean 6.0.7 installation and no extra drivers, extensions, control panels etc. I benchmarked the machine and got exactly the same results as my stock Classic so the accelerator is not beeing used. The MicroMac homepage lists drivers for download, but all links are broken.


Anyone got a clue where I can find those files ? Been googling a lot for them...

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I seem to recall that archive.org had a working mirror complete with the drivers, but it was a couple years ago and my memory is hazy. Have you tried that?


Also, grats on the score. I'd love to have one like that -- I'm a sucker for strange CPU upgrades.

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Thank you!


I now downloaded all MicroMac driver software using Wayback Machine from archive.org. Is there a place here to upload files ? Its only 1.1MB in total. I would gladly share them for others that may need them in the future :)

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