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Buying a Newton Question

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Some MP130s run Newton OS 2.0 (the eMate/2000/2100s run 2.1) which is pretty much the same - except the later models running 2.1 can run Newtworks, support greyscale and sound manager. For older model Newtons running OS 1.x and 1.3, there isn't a lot of software that works on these and I'd put them down as more a curiosity than being able to actually do much in today's world. So as a minimum consider a MP130 with NOS 2.0 to "do stuff" :)


I don't know about IMAP syncing, but another plus of the 2000/2100 is dual PCMCIA slots, so you can run a network or wireless card in one slot, and cheap PCMCIA --> CF card adapter to haul up on software. You only have one PCMCIA slot on older models. And yes the performance; as mentioned to "do stuff" it really is a difference between night and day trying to do things on a 2x00 StrongARM equipped PDA vs. the older ARM models. A PDA should do things simply and responsively, and this just doesn't happen on older Newtons.



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There is a much better software selection for Newton OS 2.1 which includes POP email clients. If nothing else, the better handwriting recognition is worth it. Also, having owned a MP 100 and MP 2100 I can say there is no comparison in usefulness. There is NO reason not to get a 2000 or 2100 these days over an older one.

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OS 2.1 is really required for extensive Internet usage and if you want to do anything fancy like IMAP, then you'll need the increased RAM of the 2100 (over the 2000). Simon Bell's Mail V is an excellent POP/IMAP client, but there is no SSL support in the Newton OS, so unfortunately Gmail is not an option. .Mac/Mobile Me doesn't require SSL, last I checked, but I'm not sure whether iCloud will or not. Some Newton users use Fastmail as they also don't require SSL.

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