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Graphite Airport Base

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If you want another wavelan card for your OS 9 PowerBooks.. I got one you can have for 10 bucks.. Works fine with the Airport Drivers


Thanks, already have a spare wavelan card, useful to get my 5300 on line (pretty slow but nice for a pre-airport powerbook)


Indeed, apparently, most Broadcom BCM 43xx chipset cards seems to be recognised as Airport cards.


Thats right, they are indeed supposed to have a WaveLAN PCMCIA card inside, not an AirPort card


Apparently, some were supplied with the Airport instead of the Wavelan / Orinoco, but should be a few.


Its handy to have a device thats friendly with older Apple hardware.


there is a possibility to connect non-airport equipped computers apparently (using an Ethernet cable) anybody here using that setup ? (can be useful for a Powermac G3 or G3 Imac)

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