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Sharing ImageWriter II Help!

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Ok, now I'm officially stumped.


I have a PowerMac 7300 (Mac OS 8.6) networked with a PowerBook 165 (System 7.1) via PhoneNet. The IW II is connected to the PowerBook. I want to print on it from the PowerMac.


Should be easy I thought. Well, it's not.


File sharing works. LocalTalk using serial ports, IW II hooked to modem port.


Everywhere I looked referenced a "Setup" button in the chooser which is just not there, regardless of what version of File sharing or ImageWriter extensions I use.


What am I missing here?

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Once you get a card, all you have to do is select the printer in the Chooser as "AppleTalk ImageWriter". You may need the drivers for these (Apple should have them on their website). The name of your printer will come up. (If you don't like the name, change it using The Namer). Also, for AppleTalk networking, you need both AppleTalk turned on in the Chooser and all devices connected to the printer port.

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To embellish what Scott wrote, just a bit.


Right now, you're using the Imagewriter extension to print to the Imagewriter II. In order to print to it on your LocalTalk/Appletalk (Appletalk protocol transmitted over LocalTalk media) network, you will need the AppleTalk Imagewriter extension. This is a different extension from teh one used to print to the IWII when connected via serial port (plain serial port, not being used for LocalTalk).


The AppleTalk IW extension has a pretty old version number like 7.0 or something, but it works fine up through 9.1 at least. I have an AppleTalk IWII at home and I print to it with an OS9.1 machine.


Actually, my 9.1 machine has AppleTalk pointed at Ethernet. Then the Ethernet is bridged to LocalTalk via a MicroAsantePrint (essentially the same as the AsanteTalk). And from the MicroAsantePrint, LocalTalk (Phonenet) cable continues to the IWII which has the LocalTalk/AppleTalk option installed.


Some of the DIP switches in the IWII must be changed when the LocalTalk option is installed. If your option doesn't come with instructions you'll want to look that up.


You may also wish to consider getting the AppleTalk MacPalette II extension which will allow printing in millions of colors if you install the four color ribbon. This extension was (is) commercial (non-Apple) software published by Microspot.

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