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OS 9.2 - Memory to run well?

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Just bought another Lombard G3 on the 'bay and I am thinking of keeping this as a original OS machine - it has 192mb memory coming with it. Can anyone verify what a good amount of memory would be for OS 9.2.2 and "normal" open programs? The cheapest 256mb WallStreet/Lombard card I can find out there is about $20, which is almost what I paid for this beast...

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So far, so good. Seems to run 9.2.2 great with 256mb (I stuck in another 128 stick that I had on hand). Was pleasantly surprised to find that Airport will recognize a Lucent Silver WiFi card as an Airport card with no additional software...so getting it nettable was no big deal. I may keep this one running 9.2.2 to use Word 98 and a few other classic OS programs...it is fast and with the Platinum Sounds turned on it even sounds extra zippy.


Changing topics - the PCMCIA eject button is gone on this one - does anyone know, if I buy a replacement cage on the 'bay, can I extract the eject button and then just press it into place in the existing cage, without disassembling the whole Lombard? I'd like to do it if it's easy but if that's a full teardown I will just live with it.


And I also need to try Clasilla browser as the IE 5.1 was not working so well...

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Classilla is the best OS 9 browser out there, you'll want to use it over iCab or IE but will need a good amount of RAM to get it going.


I have been running my OS 9 clamshell with 192MB RAM for years now and have found it to be a good amount of RAM. You can run Classilla fine with it and still have room for other programs.


Don't attempt OS 9 with less than 128MB unless you like the painfully slow virtual memory of the classic Mac OS.

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