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. . . tick . . . tick . . . tick . . . tick . . . pause . . .


OK, we'vwe had some thoughtful, non-emotional posts by some new and some already parcipitating comrades, so the padlock warning is suspended for a bit yet.


Let's have some creative ideas about how to handle this situation, so that new recruits and less than net-ready comrades can be instructed by the membership on internet etiquette.


This would preferably be accomplished WITHOUT a lot of PMs flying about and overburdening the mod/admin staff.


I'm kickin' around a few notions, but let's hear from the membership . . . no voting, it's NOT a democracy . . . but suggestions and creative solutions are always welcome!


jt :lisa:

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I normally try to avoid bickering and threads that are about to go up in flames, but since Trash80 is welcoming a bit of feedback...


While it may have been a bit petty of the admins to remove the Quote button, I do think it will cut down on the amount of first reply's to a thread that quote the ENTIRE first post. That's just silliness. Of, course that's what you are replying to. It doesn't need to be quoted.


So far, I've quoted a few people just fine from the "Post a reply" page - and even learned that I can just select part of the post and click the quote button. That should more than suffice for my needs and I don't see it as a real inconvenience.


I've always loved this discussion forum, but some of the argueing and immaturity at times has driven me away. If you look at the old forum archive I originally joined in 2002, and I remember when the group started on the old MacAddict forums, but I've only participated from time to time. After a while it just gets to be not fun... and collecting, restoring, and discussing these old machines should be fun!


Sorry, if I got on a bit of a tangent, but I've wanted to get that off my chest for a while now.


If there is anything that I, personally, can do to make this forum better please let me know.

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I will admit to being a little guilty of Quote-button overuse until prodded. I used to be really good about it, but got lazy, and hadn't even noticed I was 'offending' until someone prodded. (Although it would have been appreciated had the prodding been both more obvious, and more polite. I hadn't even realized what the prodding was about until this thread was created.)

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Very cool, comrade! Taking even constructive criticism can be difficult. It seems you've got a bit of ye olde gentlemanly style about you!


Some of the "new recruits" in the MLA would be never be considered noobs ANYWHERE!

Postcount incentives are VERBOTEN! So no go on that suggestion, sorry.


Lets have some creative solutions posted here gang!


Meanwhile, I'll read over the war room discussion about this subject (that I was apparently remiss in ignoring :I ) and mull over my own notions.


Have at it members new/old/young/aged . . . and the silly lamp is still lit, so we can keep this light hearted . . .

. . . the comic relief a few posts back was much needed and quite refreshing! :o)

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Stupid crap like this is why I pretty much never visit here anymore. The admins do something, people don't like it, everyone complains, the admins ignore everyone.


Let's just disable signatures. They've been more or less whittled down to nothing (we've gone from 500 characters, smileys, and links, to 255 characters, no smileys, no links), and we're all being told to use the Wiki anyway, right? How much more are signatures going to be trimmed back? Hey, let's go to 200 characters. That seems reasonable. Or 150, that looks fine. Let's ban BBCode because it's a Wednesday and I have a hangnail!


Maybe someone can make some kind of browser add-on that automatically pastes in a fake signature at the end of every post.


This is becoming more and more true...


(BTW, the only reason I'm here right now is because ThePurpleCube's host is down and no-one is in their IRC channel right now. I don't even have the 68kMLA bookmarked anymore.)


You guys should get a slogan... like "The 68kMLA... Where all of the mods and admins are like Reflection!"

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I'm just going to come right out and say it. If you feel the need to continually say that we are like a fascist regime, or if you feel the need to say something like...

Stupid crap like this is why I pretty much never visit here anymore

... then maybe our loss of you as a member of the community isn't so significant as you personally might think it is.


Seriously, we've got plenty of people posting youtube videos of stuff nobody cares about, talking about how they can't buy anything, or just complaining about being unable to have nice software (abandoned, old or otherwise) just handed to them, that having one fewer is a little bit of a refreshing thing to notice.


That having been said, I would hate to make anyone who legitimately adds to the discussion, or at least doesn't detract from it, feel unwelcome.


The truth is that cycles like these where one single thing becomes incredibly annoying to the mods/admins, and then a rule gets made and enforced, and there's this big communitywide discussion about it, happens all the time. I remember back on the Snitz board, back when LCGuy and I were in the running for most posts, and I was still kind of a n00b myself, in life and on the forum, and I was incredibly unhappy when the postcount displays were turned off. For whatever ridiculous reason, I absolutely loved knowing how many posts the guy above me had, and how awesome I was in terms of 68k Macs because I had more posts.


That was a very different time for me in a lot of ways, and though I sometimes don't think it, I've been told I've grown up a bit since then, which is reassuring to say the least.


All of that having been said, honestly, if you care about the 68k Macs, and the other people around, then just deal with it. So far the feedback seems to be "make these changes less sudden" -- because it's inevitable that they'll happen. This statement exemplifies the problem as I think everyone sees it.


Although it would have been appreciated had the prodding been both more obvious, and more polite.


If I've interpreted that correctly -- it's definitely something we can work on. I'm not going to claim that as an administrator of the forum, anything I or the other mods/admins does it perfectly, but as it has been said, one of the rules definitely is that mod/administrator decisions are final. So there's no use really crying over this spilt milk. Nobody has really provided any compelling reason to turn the quote button back on, especially since everybody already learned new ways to do the same thing nearly just as efficiently, as it was predicted would happen.


As far as editing things in a text editor as Trash80 mentioned -- I do the same thing. I often open up a sidenote in OneNote or just notepad and tap out what it is I want to say, add the bbcode, then use the preview function very liberally.


Formatting, signatures, avatars, quoting, inline images, and a whole host of other things that we have here on phpBB that we didn't have (or had limited versions of) on Snitz can make it more fun, interesting, and easier for everyone to do everything. But if abused, I have no problems with all of these things being disabled. It's not like the core functionality of the forum, which is to discuss things using text, would change or be affected unless somebody made the immature decision to leave a community because of an administrative action.


Hope this helps, and hope not to have stepped on any feet.



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Actually, since I've been back, almost a year now, I don't think ANY thread of this type has EVER had EVERYONE say they don't like any individual change of policy/enforcement of existing rules, much less ever have even a perceivable percentage of the membership actually post to COMPLAIN in one of these threads.


AFAIK no rules have actually changed. IIRC, MR was banned for being pugnacious, unrelenting in his constant complaining about almost everything under the sun and, most especially, for his obstinant refusal to remove his commercial advert. No matter how long it remained "under the radar." the simple fact is that it was always against the rules and no amount of what he "perceived as toleration" made it any less of a rule violation.


It's actually interesting that you bring his ghost back into this discussion, because the barracks have seemed to me to be a much more laid back place without his presence here, but that's just a personal observation. I tried very hard to get him to settle down, in the forums and by PM, but he managed to dig his own grave.


Whatever, that was post was way off topic, we're actually trying to come up with solutions here. If anyone dislikes the culture here in this community. they are free to leave, but jumping back in here and into a discussion in order to toss a molotov cocktail because the place you'd rather be visiting is down, would be considered rude across all the internet I've ever experienced.


Whatever . . . ::) . . . the Padlock Pause is STILL in effect, so let's hear some serious, well thought out, politely expressed commentary and, hopefully, a couple of outside the box suggestions for fixing this problem/impasse!

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...IIRC, MR was banned for being pugnacious, unrelenting in his constant complaining about almost everything under the sun and, most especially, for his obstinant refusal to remove his commercial advert.
...that, at the time at least, there was no rule against having, especially when it was something mostly on-topic to the subject of this forum.
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