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How do I contact an admin? I need some account maintenance

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I'm sorry if this is easily found on the site; I did look for an answer but could not find it.


I need to contact an admin/moderator for the following issue...any pointing in the right direction is appreciated...


I have a web site which hosts my personal e-mail. I have not been able to get any confirmation e-mails from 68kmla on any of my addresses at that domain. I have been able to sign up using my yahoo mail. However, I tried to change my e-mail back to my personal one, and in doing so I got effectively locked out (had to re-confirm, but can't because the e-mails don't go through).


So I created this second account; if this is a violation of the rules, apologies. I would like to merge the two or at least get back to my old one (el.Schus).



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